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Women in Leadership Programs

Transformative Leadership Development for Women 

Professional Life and Business Coach Carolyn Freyer-Jones supports women in expanding their leadership capacities in authentic, impactful ways that transform organizations, relationships and personal lives.

These customizable programs are designed to support women leaders of all titles (from the Receptionist to the CEO) in leveraging their strengths, creating greater levels of success for themselves and their teams.

We invite you to listen to Carolyn speak on Women Creating Prosperity which will give you an idea of what a dynamic speaker and leader she is!  Click here.


  • Highly experiential, not lecture based—participants begin interacting immediately, learning from themselves, facilitators, and each other.
  • Rigorous—a wide variety of interactive exercises require participants to be self revealing, sharing challenges and opportunities in a safe environment, one where they will receive support, encouragement, and feedback.

Processes include: partner exercises, solo writing and journal exercises, role playing, open Q&A, sharing, and coaching time with facilitators.

Courses are customized based on the needs of an organization. Courses can be a one day, two day, or three day workshops.


• Attendance at entire course—full participation during specified hours.

• Willingness to stretch, learn, receive feedback and coaching from facilitators, and grow.


• Co-creating a safe environment where participants can do deep, meaningful work.

• 100% commitment to participant growth—on all levels.

• Showing participants where they may be backing away from their strengths.

• Showing participants their blind spots, areas of opportunity, and gifts. 

• Providing participants with a robust toolkit that, if utilized, will immediately add value and make a positive difference in the organization. 

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