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WIN Spot Coaching
Leaders in Crisis

Sometimes You Just Need a Masterful Listener and an Extraordinary Coach.

The Issue

You’ve heard the expression, “it’s lonely at the top.” Who do you turn to when you’re the boss and the pressure is on, there is an urgent decision to make, or your team is in crisis? It’s times like these that having a supportive executive coach in your corner is a necessity.

Our Approach

WIN™ Spot Coaching provides that peer level sounding board, the unbiased and careful listening that you require from time to time, in one power shot session. This is typically a single, half day session with one of our transformational and purpose-driven executive coaches. Many of them have PhD’s and the majority have Master’s degrees, plus additional coaching or other certifications. Their business experience comes from a variety of sectors and industries and includes those who have been leaders at senior levels. This power session will enable leaders to:

  • Clarify concerns/ issues.
  • Ground priorities and set intentions.
  • Determine direction.
  • Create a strategic, actionable plan to create desired results.


Our unique approach and custom tailored programs support executives in creating personal and professional breakthroughs in a condensed, focused power session. Our focus is not just on a one-time success metric, but rather, we work with the leader to create deep awareness and explore root issues so that change and impact is lasting. We couple personal strengths with achieving company goals so that the individual is successful on a personal, team and organizational level.

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