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WIN Leadership Program

The Issue

We know that people are your bottom line. The WINTM Leadership Program transforms the managers in your organization into leaders that can coach others and teach coaching skills in order to develop their teams into leaders and achieve amazing results. 

Our Approach

DCC supports organizations in creating a culture of leadership through experiential learning. We assist managers and leaders in deepening into their own strengths as well as creating a Strengths Based culture wherein they identify how to develop, support and inspire their teams to achieve organizational goals.

Our 6-month curriculum provides group coaching, one-on-one coaching, a self-paced online curriculum and email support. Leaders who take this program can activate employee engagement and drive a Strengths Based culture long after completing the coaching program.


At DCC, we make ourselves unnecessary as quickly as possible by providing your leaders with powerful tools which they can successfully implement long after our work together is done. This 6-month training program breaks down coaching skills into their simplest elements and supports your leaders in applying them to real-time work situations. This program is a truly extraordinary way to affect company culture, activate engagement and create leaders at all levels of your organization.

“Coaching has tremendously helped me to refocus and hone in on specific leadership goals to help me become a more effective leader. After the first session, I noticed a dramatic change in the approach on how I manage my department.”--Kaiser Vision Essentials program participant

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