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WIN Coaching

WIN  Coaching

Organizations are often required to do more with less. At the same time, leaders within the organization are relied upon to adapt to change and deliver on company success metrics. Even in companies that are successfully weaving a coaching culture throughout the management structure, there are times when you want to call in the big guns: a high level, masterful executive coach that has been there, done that, and can be a neutral sounding board to help you or your team get through a rough patch.

It is for these situations we’ve created our WIN™ Coaching packages led by our select cadre of executive and business coaches. 

DCC’s WIN™ Coaching packages can support executives in their rapidly changing environment and are very popular due to their flexible, adaptive nature in supporting executives when they need it.

Our Approach

At DCC, we have a customized process that includes three core phases: Assessment/feedback, 1:1 personal coaching, and ongoing development and implementation. Our transformational and purpose-driven executive coaches have extensive experience, both as coaches and at senior levels in a variety of sectors and industries. Many of our coaches have PhDs and Masters’ degrees in addition to coaching certifications.

Our clinical coaches are mostly doctors or clinicians and have significant healthcare experience, especially in leadership positions.


Our program is unlike other executive coaching programs, not just because the caliber of our coaches is extraordinary and our training unique, but because we navigate to the root issues that most consultants and coaches are unable to navigate. Based on positive psychology and strengths based leadership, we guide our clients into harnessing their greatest strengths and experiencing professional and personal breakthroughs. Our custom tailored one-on-one coaching will support leaders at every level of the organization align their strengths with the company’s mission and business objectives.

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