Testimonials | David Couper Consulting


As the leader of an executive team, working with my coach to compare and contrast my strengths with the strengths of each member of the team has helped to manage team interactions and assignments more effectively.  I can guide discussions more effectively, and I can ensure the right people with the right strengths are assigned to the right tasks. -Mitch Rutledge, Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials


The greatest learning and beneficial insight I discovered through the DCC Coaching Program is the power of thoughtfully exploring situations deeply, not as they always present for a better outcome. I’ve experienced an increased attention to presence, mindfulness and self-care. I’m leading from the heart and head. I believe other employees and/or leaders would benefit in the ways I have through the coaching by learning techniques for responding vs. reacting during stressful work situations and personal, authentic accountability-Carol Aaron, Senior VP of Culture and People, PeaceHealth 


This is a radically different way to support Leaders in their growth, offering generosity of spirit and compassion in guiding leaders to embrace their best self amidst change and chaos! -PeaceHealth coaching participant


David Couper delivered team building, communication, conflict resolution, diversity, and performance management coaching for us.   He worked with frontline employees, supervisors, and managers. His delivery style and humor was exceedingly effective with these groups, especially the senior classes. He was flexible and responsive to our needs and greatly helped the roll out of our training programs.-Ann Adams, Mattel


David’s keen insight and penetrating questions enable him to uncover how one’s innermost feelings can reveal unique opportunities for accelerated success. -Gena Downey, Walt Disney Motion Pictures


David Couper’s work is informed and inspired. His career advice is simultaneously concrete and enlightened. We attorneys are in the proof business. I can and do attest to the life-changing effect of Mr. Couper’s coaching and advice. -Juli Campagna, the John Marshall Law School


The coaching program has exceeded all my expectations! It has made a tremendous difference every day that I'm at work. I have learned new skills to better communicate with my patients and my co-workers and have really experienced more joy and peace during the work day. This has also extended into a much more peaceful and less chaotic family life too. All the stress that I used to experience and then carry back home with me, now I know how to better manage those situations and not let them affect the rest of my day. -Serena, Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials coaching program participant


As a trainer, project manager, and coach, David has mastered the difficult and delicate balance required to keep tight deadlines, produce challenging, and creative work while, at the same time, act as a highly motivating influence on his teams and colleagues. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his coaching skills. -Mary Jo Calderon, Ernst & Young (France)


I now know how to look for individual strengths within each of my team members and not assume that all people are the same or should be the same.  I recognize that everyone has differing awareness levels and skill sets and I know how to meet them where they are and help bring out the best in what they have to offer our team and our company.  I do this by seeing the big picture, yet I know how to break down the path to organizational change into baby steps now.  -Stephanie, Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials coaching program participant


Among David's vast skills is the ability to listen, and then ask the appropriate questions to help an individual find the correct answer. He is knowledge about people, workplaces, and all kinds of situations that workers face today. He is able to help people fully realize their potential.   I value his expertise highly and would recommend him as a great resource to any organization. -Dee McKinsey, the Red Cross


I’ve known David for more than 10 years. His ideas are always practical, and sometimes downright transformational. I know several people whose careers were advanced directly because of David’s insight and coaching genius. -Shelbra Brinkman, Experian