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Individual Development

Empowering yourself to develop as an individual positively affects the world around you. When you strive to maximize your potential and enhance your talents it puts you in a position to become not only a leader but a valuable asset to your company. You will inspire those around you, produce outstanding results and revitalize your own life thus embarking on a full-circle transformation.

The transformative benefits will be ongoing, helping you get to the level you’ve been reaching for. Our paid and free programs and offerings will support you in:

  • increasing confidence levels to enable you to seek out your goals.
  • developing the courage needed to ask for what you want and what you need.
  • learning how to set boundaries on what is expected of you while being able to recognize your full worth.

Worth recognition is essential for you to understand your true value as a human being and what you can offer a company. Not only will we help you realize your worth but we will help you tap into your hidden strengths and enhance the ones you are aware of, giving you the capability to excel.

  • You will develop new skills while increasing your overall value as an employee and also enjoy the added benefits of extending your skills into your personal life.
  • You’ll learn emotional intelligence, how to make decisions, and better handle conflict resolution.
  • Your communication skills will be flexed and trained to engage easily and connect with the people and co-workers around you, increasing positive motivation.

These are just some of the benefits you will accrue while utilizing all the tools David Couper Consulting has to offer.

Your Toolbox

DCC provides you with materials you can use to strengthen your toolbox for both your home and work life. Our leadership development program is designed to awaken the leader in all of us through tactical inspiration and motivation techniques. Our focus is to motivate and educate potential leaders with smaller chunks of information while using our tried and true coaching methods.

Programs Available

Healthcare Nowread more

The healthcare industry can be extremely tough, especially when it comes to changing culture and transforming the old ways of doing things into new positive ways. Our Healthcare Now program opens the door for many possibilities to improve patient satisfaction, reduce physician turnover and increase revenue and productivity. We teach you how to care for yourself to support you in caring for others. We show you how to increase resilience in the Face of Chaos when conflicts and issues of the everyday workplace occur.

We also provide effective patient care programs helping doctors communicate directly to patients from their heart while continuing to service from their mind.

These effective communication tools will help the patient/doctor relationship transform with more empathy and compassion, ultimately producing better clinical outcomes.

Women in Leadership Programsread more

These women in leadership programs are designed to support women leaders holding all titles in the professional workplace. With several different workshop options, we facilitate partner exercises, solo writing and journal exercises, sharing, coaching, and more to support women leaders by leveraging individual strengths and abilities.

This ultimately leads to greater levels of success for themselves and their teams.

Win Coachingread more

David Couper also offers WIN Coaching practices specifically for emerging leaders and individuals that could become effective leaders with hands-on personal 1:1 coaching.

Our coaches harness individuals and push them into potential breakthroughs and increasing their confidence and skill sets by healing the root of the problem holding them back from their professional and personal goals.

Mindfulness Meditationread more

DCC offers mindfulness meditation programs for those working in the corporate sector in addition to its unique Healing the Healers program for healthcare professionals. While high demands of the job can weigh on you mentally, these programs help to combat the effects. It provides those working in a corporate environment an opportunity to reduce stress through a systematic meditation-training program designed and developed by experts in corporate workplace behavior.