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How It All Started—Answering the Calling of My Heart

I had been coaching and developing talent management solutions for over twenty years, 
but with another company, always keeping my team small as it was comfortable and felt easier to play it safe. But I had a persistent yearning in my heart to play bigger, and when I was confronted with the loss of my soulmate, I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and into my power.

November 25, 2012 started out as a happy day in a bright and sunny paradise. Then, one event took place that turned my entire world upside down and led me to step into the leadership role that I was destined to assume.

Around 11:00 a.m., as I lay on the warm white sand of a Hawaiian beach, my partner and our then seven-year-old son could be seen snorkeling in the surf. Suddenly, my proud gaze turned instantly into panic when I realized that my soulmate of fourteen years seemed to be in trouble. Even though I swam out as quickly as I could, he was already unconscious by the time that I reached him.

Four hours later, the love of my life quietly passed away. 

How could I continue on?

Walking out on the hotel balcony, overlooking the cold ocean that had just swallowed our family whole, I was painfully aware of the reality that I had 100% of the bills to pay and only 50% of the income. I had to figure out how to bridge the gap and I wondered if I should give up then and there.

But I wasn’t willing to give up, so the only choice I had was to step into my power and manifest a new future. Embarking on scary, uncharted territory, I found the courage I needed to transform my life, as I knew it.

I realized that I no longer had time to avoid my life’s purpose. There were no more excuses, and there was no further room for compromising my or my son’s future. It was time to claim my role as a global leader—transforming organizations and supporting people in leading more happier, fulfilling lives.

That’s when I created David Couper Consulting.


We believe that People are the Real Bottom LineTM—empowered, engaged, conscious people transform the workplace and the world.

We serve organizations by connecting People to a bigger vision, unlocking individual potential, and converting it into realized talent.

We cultivate performance-based talent development though using practical, experiential, heart-centered learning tools and techniques.

“The coaching program has exceeded all my expectations! It has made a tremendous difference every day that I’m at work. I have learned new skills to better communicate with my patients and my co-workers and have really experienced more joy and peace during the workday. This has also extended into a much more peaceful and less chaotic family life too. All the stress that I use to experience and then carry back home with me, now I know how to better manage those situations and not let them affect the rest of my day.”

– Coaching program participant, Kaiser Permanente, Vision Essentials